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Toni Beck



My name is Toni Beck. I'm a homemaker from Los Angeles, California. My husband and I have been married for 18 years and have a 14-year-old daughter. I fought a losing battle with my weight for 20 years, and I almost decided to give up. Then I lost 30 lbs. and 6 dress sizes in 9 months! It wasn't a fad diet and I didn't starve myself. I lost my weight easily and naturally with Positive Changes. Thanks to hypnosis, I now enjoy my life, I'm a happier person and I'm much nicer to be around. I feel empowered. I'm proud of what I've accomplished through hypnosis.

I used to diet all the time, which caused my weight to constantly yo-yo. Diets were too restrictive. The focus was totally on food, and it was too easy to find excuses to sabotage myself. When I learned of Positive Changes in the newspaper, I called immediately. I've always believed all change starts in your mind. My change started when I signed up! I noticed changes in my behavior the day of my first session. My dinner choices were different! I found myself thinking about having a salad instead of my regular dinner. I left food on my plate. When I went shopping, I walked right by the unhealthy foods I would have bought before.

Hypnosis helped me eliminate my cravings and poor food choices. I now have control over food. I can be enthusiastic about eating because it's become fun, and I'm able to go to a restaurant and look at everything on the menu and choose what I want. I don't restrict myself to only eating salads. I just don't overeat. I went through the holidays and didn't gain a pound. All I had to do was attend my appointments, and everything else came naturally. Every time I got on the scale, my weight was down. I no longer feel uncomfortable. Instead, I feel much healthier, my energy has improved and I'm more flexible because I'm not hauling around all that extra weight. I even take yoga classes.

My family and friends are impressed by my success. I feel I'm a better role model for my family because they've seen me stick with Positive Changes and accomplish my goals. I get compliments all the time, and it's not just the weight loss either. People tell me I'm a different person. I often felt passed over when I was overweight. Now I'm more confident, I feel great about myself, and I'm assertive and speak up when I need to. I never could do that when I was overweight. Thanks to Positive Changes, I'll never gain my weight back. I can do anything I set my mind to. Positive Changes was there to give me the help I needed and I was there to receive it. It was a partnership. I've already recommended the program to friends and strangers alike. If you're thinking about Positive Changes, go! Take responsibility for yourself, follow the program, and you will lose weight. Positive Changes works!

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