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Jorge Norrick

My name is Jorge Norrick and I live in Chicago. I'm employed as an ultrasound technician and instructor. Positive Changes Hypnosis has given me all the tools I need to reach my goals. I feel at ease with all of the staff at Positive Changes and I know they are genuinely concerned about me. In the past, I set many goals yet wouldn't complete them. Now I have what it takes to accomplish anything I set my mind to. I'm very pleased with all of the changes I've seen.

I first learned about Positive Changes through radio ads. I went to Positive Changes to work on several areas of my life, but I mainly focused on self-growth, improving confidence levels and being able to manage problems comfortably at work and at home. I noticed changes several weeks after I started the program. I felt more relaxed and confident and I'm more at ease with myself. I even get along better with other people. I'd tried to learn self-hypnosis in the past but, thanks to Positive Changes, I now understand the process and I'm able to use it effectively. I feel I have the power to make any changes I want in my life.

There have been so many additional benefits, such as increased energy and the improved ability to retain information. Another nice side benefit is that I no longer get as angry when I drive. Since I am more relaxed, I'm not as much of a worrywart. On the job, I can finish daily tasks and prepare new information for classes. Exciting opportunities are coming my way. I now have a sales opportunity that may allow me to retire earlier. I can even say I now look forward to challenges. I believe all of these changes will be permanent for me. I'd definitely recommend other people to Positive Changes to help them improve their lives.

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