Using Self Hypnosis to Plan Your Incredible Future

Using Self Hypnosis to Plan Your Incredible Future

Enjoy the luxury of self-hypnosis any time you desire. This set of CD's makes learning to hypnotize yourself easy and fun! You'll learn to de-stress, master the optimum learning state, and create an on-going state of mental calm. You can use the techniques to improve your life in 1,001 different ways!

Most people who set goals struggle to achieve them. Why? Because, as is often said, faith without works is dead. Just because you say you want something, it doesn't mean it will become so. You must see your success in your mind's eye—and what you see must be specific. Self hypnosis can help you to make your goals a reality. There are five simple steps to accomplishing your loftiest goals.

Step 1 – Be Specific. Perhaps you have set a goal to achieve success in business. This is too vague and does not give the mind a specific goal to achieve. A better, more specific goal would be to say, "I will become president of a business that earns $1 million by its second year."

Before you read further, make a commitment to a specific goal and write it down. Something incredible happens when we commit to paper our hopes and wishes. An unseen power called the subconscious mind starts to organize our activities and time so that we are moving toward that goal. If you don't set specific goals, you are leaving life to chance. When you use the power of self hypnosis, you leave nothing to chance. You are making the choice to engage your subconscious mind toward your goal.

Step 2 – Make it Measurable. Outline your course of action and set timed markers for each step. This is a key element of your self help hypnosis program. Take into account the steps that will be the most practical to streamline your actions and accomplishments. When you learn self hypnosis, you can visualize yourself achieving each step so you gain confidence and self-esteem for permanent results.

Step 3 – Make it Achievable. Ask yourself the following questions: Do I possess the ability to attain my goal with my current level of knowledge and understanding? If not, am I willing to break the goal down into steps so that I can attain the necessary knowledge and understanding? Is it even possible for me to learn what I need to know to accomplish my goal? As an example, you might set a goal to fly. If you think that means jumping off a cliff and suddenly growing wings, you are definitely going to crash. If the goal is to board an airplane for a Hawaiian vacation, you have set an achievable goal. Let us say that your goal is to lose weight safely and permanently; then learning to act and think as if you were a naturally thin person is a logical and achievable goal.

Step 4 – Keep it Simple. If attaining your goal is not an enjoyable journey, your chances of success are practically zero. So as you contemplate your future, consider making your goals not only reachable, but also simple and fun. If your goal is to use hypnosis to lose weight, start by selecting one simple goal and concentrate on building that habit. You could start with the habit of drinking water. Focus on the benefits first. Eight to ten glasses of water helps you to burn fat by keeping your body's PH at a level where fat burning happens. If you want to start exercising, schedule a few minutes at first and work you way up to the full amount of time you wish to exercise. Then stick to your goal one day at a time. Find an exercise that you enjoy.  Remember that a little bit of something is better than a whole lot of nothing. Motivate yourself by remembering that stimulating muscle growth helps to burn fat. Simple and fun gets the job done!

Step 5 – Do it in Time.  Because your subconscious doesn't know the difference between yesterday, today, or tomorrow, it can limit your progress. If you are not time specific, your subconscious can put things off indefinitely.  For this reason, it is important that you word your self hypnosis affirmations as if the event has already happened. This causes the forces of your mind to create the right environment for you to accomplish your goals.

The next time you practice self hypnosis relaxation, do so with your goal in mind. You will quickly discover why self hypnosis techniques can prompt you to achieve your results faster, easier, and with more fun.