A Day in the Life of Lisa Pyne, Vice President of Products and Services at Positive Changes

Published: Friday February 17, 2017

Lisa Pyne, Vice President of Products and Services at Positive Changes, joined Positive Changes in March 2015. When Lisa isn’t working, she enjoys going to the beach, and spending time with her husband, their two boys on the baseball field, and Andre, the dog. We’ve asked Lisa to share a “Typical Day in the Life” leading Positive Changes’ product development efforts, so here we go…

7:00 A.M. Lisa is awake packing breakfast and lunch for her youngest son and making sure he has everything he needs to get out the door and to school on time.

8:00 A.M. You can find Lisa on the treadmill or in weight training classes, at the gym. Lisa says she meets two girlfriends most days at the gym. It’s a great way to catch up on “girl talk,” and they hold her accountable for morning workouts.  

9:00 A.M. Lisa heads home to freshen up before making the 15 step “commute” to her in-home office. To start her day, Lisa grabs a big cup of coffee, a couple of eggs and sets the priority list for the day. She also sends a morning greeting and a positive intention to the team... it is Positive Changes after all smiley

By 11 A.M., Lisa is in full “work mode.” Managing multiple projects to improve the client experience in our Positive Changes Centers, Lisa works with contractors and coworkers across time zones. You will often find Lisa simultaneously managing a land line, a mobile phone, a Skype account, text messages, 4 email inboxes, and 2 computer screens all while Andre, the dog, is snoozing on the loveseat in her office.

1 P.M. Lunch Time! Lisa’s favorite lunch to make is Texas All-in-One soup, delivering both protein and vegetables.  She makes it on Sundays for the week making it both easy and quick.

2 P.M. Back to the grind – Lisa is checking in with CEO, Laurie Brunner, to give an update on current projects. These meetings are scheduled as “Walk-n-Talks,” where the ladies grab their coats, their mobile phones and a Post-it Note agenda, heading out the door for fresh air, “steps” and project updates. She is also likely checking in with Web Developer, Robert Forsyth, to keep a close eye on the estimated launch date for the new Positive Changes App.

3:30 Lisa uses her afternoon to catch up on any “loose ends” that have happened throughout the day. These loose ends usually consist of updates and wrap up with Laurynn King, Client Care Manager, and Sandra Norman, Training and Certification Manager, to make sure all clients have been answered to for the day.

6 P.M. Time to wrap up. After her computer is shut down, you can find Lisa heading to the baseball field to catch a game with the boys.  Then, grilling family dinner, and finally settling down for the most recent episode of “Code Black,” her favorite TV show.

We are fortunate to have Lisa Pyne, as a part of our team. Although her days are busy and chaotic, she always has a cheerful attitude and a wicked sense of humor.  Her mantra for the year – let’s “Get Epic S--- Done!”  Thank you, Lisa, for your tremendous efforts to give our clients the best experience.