Might I lose control or tell secrets?

No. Achieving a state of hypnosis is only possible with your consent and desire to be hypnotized. In hypnosis, you can take no action that is against your values, your morals, your ethical or religious beliefs. Information you would keep private in a waking sense, you will keep private during hypnosis.

One of the biggest misconceptions of hypnosis is that you are somehow incapacitated - and not in control. You are not. You are in deeply relaxed state on the threshold of sleep. You are still fully aware of all that is going on, but it is in those relaxed moments that you can imagine your future and mentally rehearse the changes you’d like to achieve.



Is it possible to get stuck in a hypnotic state?

No. Hypnosis is a natural state, which you drift in an out of every day.  We all experience a form of hypnosis, as we begin to awake in the morning or fall asleep at night. Just as you may drift in and out of a day dream - or "zone out" while watching a movie, you are still in control. This is the same control you'll have, as you experience a hypnosis session with one of our trained hypnotists.

What are the qualifications of your providers?

At Positive Changes, we believe in investing in our team's knowledge and training and we believe that is the key to delivering the highest quality client experience.

All Positive Changes hypnotists go through extensive professional training and are certified to practice in our centers.

They, along with our center staff, listen carefully and are eager to guide you toward your fresh start.

What are your company's credentials?

Positive Changes Hypnosis Centers is a franchise network, which offers the same proven approach to hypnosis and personal coaching. Each center is independently-owned and locally operated.

We are active members of the International Franchise Association and maintain an A+ member standing with the Better Business Bureau.

What does the service cost?

Hypnosis services are comparable in cost to psychotherapy and that of other national behavior modification programs. 

Positive Changes Hypnosis services are personalized to the unique needs of each client. We invite you to schedule a free consultation to discuss your individual goals. We will then be able to design a program to respond to your needs.

Program membership includes private personal hypnosis and coaching sessions, complimentary group skill building sessions and access to the My Positive Changes Mobile App, which store your personal hypnosis sessions for your continued use.

Will insurance cover the cost?

Some corporate wellness programs and Health Savings Accounts cover hypnosis services.

If your physician prescribes hypnosis support, some insurance companies may cover our services. Only your doctor may diagnose your condition. Check with your doctor and your insurance company to confirm that coverage is available.

How do I know whether I can be hypnotized?

Everyone can be hypnotized and, in fact, we are several times a day. Those moments when we become so engrossed in thought that we tune out the world around us is one example of a hypnotic state.

That said, it is important to remember that sustained change in behavior depends on your motivation, your commitment to work your program, and your attendance at scheduled sessions.


How will I know if I am hypnotized?

Many people have difficulty distinguishing a hypnotic state from a mindful state. It is often most compared to daydreaming, or similar to 'losing yourself" in a book. You may even have experienced it, when you drove on a familiar street without thinking about the route you were taking. In hypnosis, you will feel deeply relaxed.  It is in this deeply relaxed state, where you can focus intensely on a thought and the new actions that you want to take. You are always fully in control of your mind and body throughout the entirety of the hypnosis session.

Might I be too strong-willed to be hypnotized?

Many people believe only weak-minded or gullible people can be hypnotized. In fact, intelligent, strong-willed individuals are generally very successful with hypnosis. The only thing that it requires is your desire to be hypnotized - you must want to do it. Then, success relies on your ability to relax, feel comfortable, use your imagination, and listen to positive suggestions for your future wellbeing.

I've been hypnotized before but it didn't work.

There are many different methods to achieve a hypnotic state. Share your experience with your provider and together you can determine if our approach will work for you.

Is there a guarantee?

Yes. At Positive Changes we are so confident in the effectiveness of our comprehensive system, we offer an exclusive, no-risk guarantee of our services.

If at your first personal session, you are not satisfied for any reason, we will refund 100% of your money. Just let us know before leaving the center. No questions asked.

What challenges might hypnosis help me overcome?

Hypnosis has wide application and can be used to lose weight, release stress and anxiety, accelerate learning, improve athletic or job performance, quit smoking, get a restful night’s sleep and more.

Is your weight-loss program a diet?

Our program is not a diet and there are no weigh-ins, calorie counting or special meal plans to follow. Our personalized coaching and hypnosis programs are designed to help you become active and healthy, and to lead you naturally to better choices.

What should I expect during my first hypnosis session?

We will welcome you to the center and ask you to provide some basic, general information for our records. Then, you will meet with one of our certified hypnotists, who will review your personal history, offer you more insight about how hypnosis works and what you can expect from your Positive Changes program.

If you're ready to try hypnosis, we'll seat you in a comfortable recliner and ask you to close your eyes. Your hypnotist will be seated across from you and will invite you into a state of deep relaxation. You will always be in control and will not reveal anything you wouldn't otherwise reveal in a conscious state. You will always be in control. Your hypnotist will guide you to visualize or imagine a new habit or set of behaviors which will lead you toward your individual goals. 

How does hypnosis work?

Our brains work on two levels. Psychologists call them System 1 and System two, but they are more commonly referred to as the subconscious and conscious minds. Our conscious mind (System 2), controls rational thoughts.  These are the logical ideas that we focus on and invest. You may consciously think about the problems you face - or consciously choose the words you say.

Our subconscious mind, runs quickly and automatically with no effort or voluntary control. It powers all of the processes that happen, whether we consider them or not -- like our heart beats, our breathing, our blood pressure, and our sensory information like sight, touch, taste and smell. The subconscious mind also absorbs thinking from our conscious mind which has become repetitive. In other words, our habits and routines.

In the extremely relaxed state of hypnosis, the distractions (and all the chatter) in our conscious mind are subdued.  It is then that our subconscious becomes more aware and open to suggestion. The subconscious is not endowed with a sense of time, so behavioral change is often immediate.

Is hypnosis safe?

Yes. As long ago as 1958, the American Medical Association and American Psychological Association recognized hypnosis as a valid health procedure. Since 1996, the National Institutes of Health (NIH) has recommended hypnotherapy as a treatment for chronic pain.

It is a trusted, natural, well-researched and powerful alternative to psychoanalysis or prescription medications for a variety of concerns that lessen the quality of life for millions of people. 

What services does Positive Changes provide?

Through personal hypnosis sessions, life coaching, and nearly 200 pre-recorded hypnosis processes, Positive Changes is able to offer unprecedented client services and products in the following areas:

  • Weight Loss
  • Smoking Cessation
  • Personalized Breakthrough programs for stress relief, phobia release, accelerated learning, success motivation, improved health, freedom from pain, freedom from insomnia, sales mastery, sports performance, and more.

Our clients report that they have experienced additional benefits with each of these programs, including higher self-esteem and self-confidence, improved focus and memory, and better general health.

Aside from those services, we also offer the following products:

  • Positive Changes Hypnosis Light & Sound Relaxation System,
  • Dietary supplements
  • Hypnotist certification training.
  • Recorded hypnotic processes:


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Will I lose control?

One of the biggest misconceptions of hypnosis is that you are somehow incapacitated - and not in control.  You are not.  You are in deeply relaxed state on the near threshold of sleep.  You are still fully aware of all that is going on.  But, it is in those relaxed moments that you can imagine your future and mentally rehearse the changes you’d like to achieve.