Lourdes Machado

I want to help people achieve important goals in their lives.

Lourdes Machado

Lourdes' Bio

I started to learn self-hypnosis for health reasons back in 1997 just by reading up on it and was so amazed by the incredible things I was able to do with it, that I thought, “Hey, wouldn’t it be great if I actually knew what I was doing?” So, I enrolled in the Wesland Institute to learn more about this “magic phenomena” and then I got the bright idea that I could learn to be a stage hypnotist and I could make my cousins act like Bugs Bunny, Superman and Pepé Le Pew. I have tons of cousins and nephews and nieces that were going to be my guinea pigs. 

However, I was extremely surprised to learn of the many wonderful things that can be accomplished using hypnosis.  I saw right away that it could be a powerful tool to enable people to make meaningful changes in their lives and began to appreciate the serious nature of hypnosis.  So, after many years of working as a legal interpreter/translator I decided to focus my energy on hypnosis because I want to continue working to help people achieve some important goals in their lives and so, I am delighted to have joined the team at Positive Changes in Tucson.  Oh, and by the way, I have yet to turn my male cousins into Playboy Bunnies blowing kisses to everyone.

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