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Each person that walks through the doors of Positive Changes will be met with compassion, caring and no judgment. We help clients achieve success by eliminating the habits and patterned thinking which keep them from living rich, full lives.

Martha Vazquez

Martha's Bio

Martha Vazquez has always followed the road less traveled. The path that led her to become part of the Positive Changes family was no different. Martha's 35-year career as a television reporter and anchor had drawn to a disappointing end. She went to a Positive Changes practice in Oregon on a quest to lose a little weight, but as the pounds melted away, Martha realized she was losing a lifetime of emotional baggage, too.

As a journalist, it was Martha's calling to share information that improved Tucsonans daily life. Now, she's sharing her insight about the transformative power of hypnosis as a Consulting Hypnotist certified by the National Guild of Hypnotists.

"The world is just beginning to realize the Neuroscientific potential locked in our subconscious," offers Martha. "Elite athletes and corporate leaders have tapped into this power for decades. They gave it labels like creative visualization, guided mediation -- even certain psychoanalytical therapies -- and they understood it could vastly improve their focus, discipline and overall performance. I want people to know how accessible and freeing this approach can be for all of us, so I'm bringing the Positive Changes approach here."

Martha is happy to call Tucson home. She is a proud graduate of the University of Arizona and mother to a daughter who lives in New York City.

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