Laura Brunner

Laura Brunner - CEO

Laurie Brunner

Laurie Brunner is the Chief Executive Officer of Lifestyle Improvement, the national franchisor of Positive Changes Hypnosis Centers.  As CEO, Laurie is responsible for steering the company towards expanded market presence and long-term profits.  For over 25 years, she has led sales and marketing programs and designed performance improvement initiatives for companies of all sizes. 

Laurie’s top priority is to ensure that Positive Changes clients and franchise owners have the highest quality programs and the best team of professionals to support their success.  Her business philosophy is that there are no limits to growth, when a group of talented, passionate leaders are empowered to create a remarkable customer experience. This is the Positive Changes team.

Laurie is a native of Washington, DC.  She holds a B.S. from the University of the South, and an MBA from the George Washington University.  She also serves as President of MainStream Management, a consulting company that specializes in corporate growth, which has a partnership interest in Positive Changes.  Prior to that, she led the Global Client Services team of ESI International, a global training company.

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  • An all-boys Mom, including the dog
  • Golf Enthusiast
  • Washington Redskins Raving Fan
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