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Eliminate Insomnia & Fatigue

This hypnosis session is going to help you develop a pre-sleep routine, such as exercising regularly, using the bedroom for sleep only, and eliminating TV or other stimulants. You will visualize setting up a nightly routine while discovering new ways to focus on your innate ability to fall asleep and allow deep delta sleep (the most restful form of sleep) to come naturally.

Working with Your Body for Insomnia Relief

This session will motivate you to eliminate trigger foods, such as sugar and caffeine. You also will learn how to make natural physical changes (such as slowing your heartbeat, lowering your blood pressure, regulating your breathing) to prevent the panic attacks.

3 Easy Steps to Sleeping Deeply

When people consider treatment for insomnia, they tend to think first of sleeping pills. But you already possess the most powerful pharmacy on earth - the human brain. By instilling the right thoughts during hypnosis, you will be on your way to sleeping deeply through the night. This powerful self-hypnosis session will help you release tension and experience the relaxation response.

Retrain Your Brain & Sleep Well Tonight

With this session, you will learn to remove all anxiety at the approach of sundown, throughout the evening hours, and at bedtime. During this hypnosis session, you will re-associate with the dreamy, drowsy state of sleepiness you've experienced in the past and master the ability to sleep without the aid of medications.

Deep Sleep for Total Mind/Body Rejuvenation

Are you having trouble falling asleep? Do anger and fear seep into your awareness as soon as you put your head to the pillow? Now you can put an end to nighttime restlessness and get the healing sleep you need. Sleep is your body's natural time for healing and rejuvenation. Get the most benefit from your sleep by releasing fear and doubt, and relaxing with visualization.

Perfect Health & Harmony

Learn techniques for setting and accomplishing your health goals. You'll be guided through a mental housecleaning that will help you to unleash your body's natural ability to create perfect health. 

Sunrise Motivation

Jump start your day with each of these seven processes--one for each day of the week! Just 10 minutes in the morning can help you stay on track with your weight loss goals.

Resolve to Sleep Better Pack

Did you set a New Year's resolution to sleep better? Use the power of your mind to help you achieve your goal to sleep better in 2017. Give yourself an edge, and engage your subconscious mind. This pack includes Releasing Stress for a Calm Night's Sleep, Retrain Your Brain and Sleep Well Tonight, and Easy Tips to Sleep Deeply, The Power of the Past and Bridging the Gap From Sabotage to Success.

Releasing Stress for a Calm Night's Sleep

In this session, you will eliminate the fears and frustrations that may be keeping you from a good night’s rest. As you drift into sleep, new thought patterns will replace past conditioning that may be causing you to physically react to stressful situations. Your mind will stop escalating negative thoughts and emotions during the day so you will be free to sleep comfortably all night long.

Awaken Pain Free

Awaken pain-free and retrain your brain to live that way forever.

So Hum Self-Hypnosis for Deep Sleep

There are two simple words-SO HUM-you will use to trigger your brain to create deep relaxation and bring about the physical changes that are a natural part of the process of falling into slumber. With this self-hypnosis process, you will discover feelings such as floating, and being in a calm relaxed state. Feelings of slowed respiration and heartbeat are also common.

Self-Imprisonment to Self-Empowerment

Learn to use the powerful "Change Personal History" technique, where you will build successful scenarios in your mind to create unlimited self-empowerment!