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At Positive Changes Hypnosis, we've helped thousands of people hit their reset buttons to enhance their health, achievement, personal interactions and everyday fulfillment.

The results are so significant that many of our clients return to work toward breakthroughs in other areas of their lives.

Lose Weight

Read about Paula Seeley's story
Paula Seeley
Weight Loss
Read about Leslie Meisner's story
Leslie Meisner
Weight Loss
Read about Kathryn Frank's story
Kathryn Frank
Weight Loss
Read about Martha Vazquez's story
Martha Vazquez
Read about Molly Davis's story
Molly Davis
Delaware, OH
Read about Joyce Spartonos's story
Joyce Spartonos
Sun Lakes, AZ
Read about Gretchen Bond's story
Gretchen Bond
Columbus, OH
Read about Angelo Mazzocco's story
Angelo Mazzocco
Lew Center, OH
Read about John Keith's story
John Keith
Dublin, OH
Read about Ruby DeRee's story
Ruby DeRee
Dublin, OH
Read about Walter Lundstrom's story
Walter Lundstrom
Westerville, OH
Read about Lorraine Thomas's story
Lorraine Thomas
Mesa, AZ

Quit Smoking

Read about Andy Castle's story
Andy Castle
Bellevue, WA
Read about Dawn Kuest's story
Dawn Kuest
Spokane, WA
Read about Rich Herron's story
Rich Herron
Spokane, WA
Read about Wayne Laudahl's story
Wayne Laudahl
Post Falls, ID
Read about Becki Harp's story
Becki Harp
Boise, ID
Read about Carolyn Daniel's story
Carolyn Daniel
Newport News, VA
Read about Lily Gardner's story
Lily Gardner
Portland, OR
Read about Jim Gigandet's story
Jim Gigandet
Woodburn, OR
Read about Sabrina Sugden's story
Sabrina Sugden
Tigard, OR
Read about Carol Gallagher's story
Carol Gallagher
Portland, OR
Read about Meegan VanderBurgh's story
Meegan VanderBurgh
Spokane, WA
Read about Joan St. Marie's story
Joan St. Marie
Boise, ID

Personalized Breakthrough

Read about Sonia Muir's story
Sonia Muir
Read about Desmond Kurth's story
Desmond Kurth
Spokane, WA
Read about Gerry Johnson's story
Gerry Johnson
Bellevue, WA
Read about Jim Kerr's story
Jim Kerr
Middleton, ID
Read about Darrell Zecha's story
Darrell Zecha
Portland, OR
Read about Wendy Merrick's story
Wendy Merrick
Kuna, ID
Read about Amy Matz's story
Amy Matz
Meridian, ID
Read about Abraham Mikalov's story
Abraham Mikalov
Columbus, OH
Read about Marilyn Perkins's story
Marilyn Perkins
Boise, ID
Read about Joey Zabala's story
Joey Zabala
Meridian, ID
Read about Michelle Fischer's story
Michelle Fischer
Lewiston, ID
Read about Andreas Finke's story
Andreas Finke
Beaverton, OR
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