Amy Matz

Hello, my name is Amy Matz and I reside in Meridian, Idaho. I am a District Manager for a retail company. My initial goal for using the Positive Changes Hypnosis program was to stop my nail biting. After discovery, I found that the nail biting resulted more from stress and nervous habits in my life, something I had dealt with for over 30 years. I was excited to start using this method to overcome my nail biting and the end result was also to relieve my stress and nervous habits. It definitely has done that.

I chose this company, Positive Changes. I have heard many wonderful things about it through their website, through TV, and through other referrals as well. My success has been that I have successfully stopped my nail biting. I have no inclination to do so at any time now. If I feel my hands gravitating toward my mouth, it's amazing that they don't even go there anymore. They are instantly pulled away. I can't believe how much it has changed my life. I have told a lot of people.

I started noticing changes probably the second day after I had my first personal session. Within hours afterwards, I realized it was taking effect. Once I started listening to my sessions during the night instead of throughout the day, I even saw much greater success.

It was related to me that my habit was like a big pothole in a gravel road, and the more I listened to these sessions, it would consistently and gradually fill these holes. It was amazing that the more I listened to these sessions, the more successful I became at choosing not to bite my nails, and the stress in my life went away.

The P.M. sessions helped considerably with my sleeping habits. I have now stopped taking my anti-depressants that I mainly used for sleeping. I don't rely on those anymore. The sleeping sessions help me relax at night and prior I had a very hard time relaxing in my life. This just brought a lot of peace so I could sleep at night, so it made a huge difference.

People started noticing my change probably within a month when my nails started to grow. My family could see a big change when they realized I wasn't as nervous anymore, which would result in my nail-biting, and I wasn't afraid to bite my nails in front of my family. So they could see the difference. I was more calm and collected and you couldn't see the stress in my life anymore, which was amazing.

I started telling people that I was using hypnosis probably after three months when they noticed a huge change with the outward appearance of my nails and my hands. I didn't hide my hands anymore. When they were interested in how this change came about, I become the biggest advocate of this company in the Boise market. I'm getting several of my friends who are die-hard cigarette smokers very interested in coming to this company to change their habit that is greatly affecting their lifestyle and their health.

I have since told my sister and her husband and they have just joined Positive Changes as well in the attempt to lose weight and they are very pleased so far with their results.

I have tried reducing stress in the past - some meditation, some reading - but so far I have found this to be the most effective, just due to the fact that everything starts mentally. I am anxious to try this same process with weight loss. I have tried millions of programs and probably spent - I hate to even guess - probably ten thousand dollars on weight-loss programs over the last 20 years of my life, and it all stems from your brain. In order to stop a habit, it's not going to a different meal plan or taking a supplement to change your eating habits. It's got to start in your noggin. It's the same thing with my nail-biting. You have to correct it at the core of the problem. It's emotional and that all stems from your brain so in order to make that difference, the hypnosis has been the most successful and it's the only way to go.

The outcome of this method, obviously, it's pretty evident that I don't hold back anymore in showing my hands. I'm very proud of my appearance. I have gained a lot of confidence through listening to these sessions. I was very hesitant about my appearance due to my hands and somewhat to my weight, and listening to these sessions has released my inner confidence and my ability to be more comfortable around people with my appearance, which I really never had before.

My new activities that I am involved in now - concerning this program, I would like to pursue the weight loss program with this company. I would like to lose about 40 pounds and I feel that this program will allow me to do that very successfully. I have noticed that I have increased my intake of drinking water, which I was very poor at, just by listening to the additional sessions that were not in my program for my nail biting.

The most important benefit I have received from this program is the evidence that I have more inner strength to overcome a habit by listening to these procedures and going through the hypnosis. I never felt like I had the ability to overcome a habit, whether it be weight loss or nail biting or goal achievement, but by listening to this program, I know I can do the weight loss. My nail-biting was a habit of over 30 years, and if I could overcome that habit by using this program, I know I can be successful at any other habit-breaking procedure by using this program, whether it be weight loss, or having more of an ability to speak in front of people - I would love to expound on that as well. I know I have the ability to do and achieve much greater things with this program by utilizing the hypnosis.

I have already recommended the Positive Changes program to many people, and I am very proud to say that two of those people have signed up, and I have others waiting as well. It's changed my life, and I can't say enough good things about it.

* 75% of Positive Changes breakthrough clients are successful in reaching their goals.

Results from a study commissioned by Positive Changes and performed by researchers at The Ohio State University.

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