Angelo Mazzocco

After concluding his program with Positive Changes, Angelo has continued to use what he learned at Positive Changes Hypnosis to lose an additional 9 pounds, for a total of 70 lbs!

My name is Angelo Mazzocco, I live in Lewis Center, Ohio and I'm the president of a business and technology consulting company. Using hypnosis, I have easily lost an astonishing 61 pounds! I have exceeded my goal and my waist dropped from over 44 inches to a slim 39 inches! I suffered from high blood pressure, gout, and sleep apnea. Just 6 months after signing up to Positive Changes, all of those health issues went away! Positive Changes has melted off my weight and has given me results that have changed my life. I now have the tools necessary to keep the weight off and stay in control.

Starting a Family Started My Weight Loss Struggle

My wife and I have 3 children and would joke that with each pregnancy we would gain 20 pounds. The difference was, she would always lose her weight while I just kept gaining. Our youngest child was born 20 years ago so I consider myself overweight for all that time. But for the last 10 years, I was extremely uncomfortable and couldn't believe how much weight I had gained and been unable to lose. I was the biggest I'd ever been. I grew up in an ethnic family where food was pushed on you all the time. If you didn't clean your plate you got yelled at. The fact that my wife and family expressed concern about my weight only compounded my stress. Even my doctor was worried after checking my vital signs; they were definitely not where they should be. And he was right. Over the course of the years of dieting and struggling, my weight started to take a real toll on my health. My blood pressure was high, I developed gout in my joints, and I was suffering from sleep apnea. To make matters worse, my family has a history of high blood pressure, heart attacks, and diabetes. Knowing that both of my parents passed away at young ages has always been a warning in the back of my mind and I knew if I didn't change my life it could be over before I knew it.

Nothing Seemed to Work

I tried everything I knew to lose weight and I just couldn't do it. I would always do well for about a month and then I would collapse. My biggest problem: I was the snack king! It was like an alarm would go off in my head every night at 9 o'clock and I would have to have a snack. I knew I shouldn't but I always got up and ate the popcorn or potato chips. At the end I knew I'd regret it, but I didn't know how to stop. I'm a living example of someone who has tried every program out there and had never been successful on any of them. I just ate whatever was in front of me.

Hypnosis for Weight Loss?

I read about Positive Changes Hypnosis in the newspaper. I remember reading an incredible story about a local couple, the Olmstead's, they were so inspiring. Not just that they were a husband and wife who had successfully lost weight, but they had kept it off for 4 years. I was amazed! What really caught my eye was that they had used hypnosis for weight loss. I was familiar with the hypnotic process, I had achieved a personal goal years ago with hypnosis, but I'd never given a thought to its effectiveness with weight loss. I was curious how that could work. I called and made an appointment for the free evaluation. I understood that hypnosis is not what everyone thinks it is; a man swinging a watch in front of your face. After talking with the evaluator, and she explained how the process worked, I knew that I would be a good candidate for Positive Changes Hypnosis. "My free evaluation was very simple!"

I Didn't Snack Nearly as Much After My First Visit

I didn't expect to feel the results so fast! Before Positive Changes Hypnosis, I struggled with portion size and snacks. They were my main issues, so I decided to tackle the snacks right away. After my first visit with the hypnotist I received a CD with the live session recorded on it for me to take home. I started listening and began to take my success to heart like I'd never done in the past. The first thing I noticed I began to forget to snack between meals. I attacked that, and using all the information I was learning, making the changes that were healthy was easy. In the first month I lost 8 pounds, without feeling like I was on a "diet"!!

Weight Loss Without Dieting

Positive Changes is not a diet. It's a lifestyle change. I feel like I've received a complete educational system. I spent my entire life eating, but not understanding the value of the foods I took in. Once I began to understand and take seriously the "value" of the foods I was eating I was convinced this was like no other weight loss program--this actually worked! When I reached 40 pounds lost, I realized that I had reached a point where I wanted to exercise again. I had more energy and just walking the dog wasn't doing it for me anymore. I began to slowly increase my activity level and really stepped up the exercise in my life. I now go to the gym 3 times a week, and still walk my dog every day.

Travelling is Comfortable Now

 I travel occasionally for my job. Losing 61 pounds has really made traveling a lot more comfortable than it used to be; I could barely buckle my seatbelt before. One more inch, I would have had to use an extender. Now I have no problem buckling a seatbelt and I'm a lot more comfortable. I'm in a lot better shape now as well. If I have to walk fast or run to make a flight, it's not a problem.

Doctor Recommended

I remember the first time I went to my doctor after starting Positive Changes and it was the first time I had shown a weight loss in 10 years! I remember the doctor saying, 'I don't know what you're doing but keep doing it. Your vital signs are better and your weight is coming down.' Now, for the last year he has told me every time I've seen him to keep up the good work. He had heard of other people using hypnosis to lose weight. I feel healthy. I haven't had a cold or flu for over a year now.

"Wow, You Look Great!"

Everyone around me has noticed the changes I've made and they're all curious to know how I did it. That plays into the whole psychology of my success. It's really nice to have people say, 'wow, you look great!' My wife is extremely happy with all of the changes that I have made. She was concerned with my health and I can't tell you how many times she would have to nudge me during the night because of my snoring problem. Now, we both get a good night's sleep. I knew it was not good to be overweight, but as I got older it became vital that I lost it. Now that the weight is gone, I feel like I will be around for a long time and after hypnosis, that is now a reality not just a dream. Besides, my wife and I still have a lot of things that we would like to do together. My wife has mentioned several times the changes I've made in my diet, she's impressed. Impressed at the better food choices I'm making and with the increased exercise--it's like we both benefitted from hypnosis.

I Feel and Look Younger

The biggest benefit I've gotten from my program at Positive Changes is that I'm healthier--I guess losing 61 pounds will do that for you! This has been a great education for me that I wish I had had 10 or 20 years sooner. I feel young for my age and more energetic. I'm more willing to try new things that I wouldn't have before I started this program because I know my body can handle it. I go out and play basketball with the kids now! 2 years ago I wouldn't even have attempted playing basketball with my kids in their 20s. Now, not only am I playing but I'm keeping up with them. I feel like I've turned back time!

My Confidence is Soaring

Losing weight and getting healthy has given me more confidence and energy than I ever thought was possible. When your energy is high your concentration improves. A lot of my work deals with analysis and interacting with clients so it's very important to be on top of my game. Positive Changes Hypnosis has been helpful to me in that regard. Most of my clients who knew me before hypnosis, have mentioned how much better I look--that really helps keep me motivated and builds my confidence even more. I feel better about myself and I think that also transfers into my interactions with clients; especially when I meet new people. I always used to have in the back of my mind before the concern of what people thought of me because I was so heavy. I simply feel better about how I look and how I present myself in work situations.

These Changes are Permanent

I believe the changes that I've made in my life are permanent. With other programs it's very easy to get off track, I realize that. Sometimes you're going to have that piece of cake or that cookie. You can't deny yourself things all of the time, but I know that those foods won't become a habit again. Once in a while it's okay to have a treat, but after that I am back on track. There is a fine line between leading a healthy life and slipping back into old unhealthy habits. That's where I believe the reinforcement I've gotten from Positive Changes does a great job of keeping me where I want to be.

I am Confident in Recommending This Program

When I recommend Positive Changes to people in my life I usually don't have to tell them a whole lot about it because they can actually see the results, personally. I explain hypnosis as best I can to them because most people don't understand what hypnosis really is. Once I've finished, most people are so interested they want to try it out. I never have to bring it up; they see the weight loss, the confidence, the energy and can't help but ask what I did to get it. I am confident recommending this program to anyone who wants to lose weight. I was successful with this program; and it wasn't just me. I met many, many other people at the center that were just as successful with hypnosis. I've even referred several people to Positive Changes and they are all having success. Call Positive Changes Hypnosis today. The evaluation is free and you will see how effective it can be. Don't waste any more time stressing about your weight. I'm proof Positive Changes Hypnosis Works!

*Results not typical and vary based on program adherence from a study commissioned by Positive Changes and performed by researchers at The Ohio State University.

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