Carolyn Daniel

My name is Carolyn Daniel. I started smoking when I was 12 years old. I smoked at least a pack a day, sometimes more if my day was stressful. I spent years trapped by my smoking habit. Then I found Positive Changes and quit smoking in one day, with no cravings or withdrawal! I feel as if I'd never even been a smoker. The changes I've made are priceless. Positive Changes is the best investment I've made in years, and even if the program had cost twice as much, it would have been worth it. With the price of cigarettes, I will have paid for my program at Positive Changes and then I will be making money!

I used to be embarrassed when I smoked, especially if no one else was smoking. I tried everything under the sun to stop smoking. I quit for 3 days, 4 days, a day and a half. I would stop on Sunday and be smoking again on Monday. It never worked. I was climbing the walls, biting my nails and making everyone's life miserable. I was fed up. I hate failing at something over and over again. I wanted a method that worked. Then my ex-husband went to Positive Changes to stop smoking. I felt if he could do it, then I could do it, so I called and scheduled my free evaluation.

Before my first session of hypnosis I sat in my car and smoked for 10 minutes. I was nervous. I wasn't afraid of hypnosis' I was afraid of failing again. I went into the session and sat back and relaxed. It was the most relaxing experience I'd ever had. My first change came on the drive home. Normally when I got in the car I would put on my seatbelt and light a cigarette. I left my session and drove the 45 minutes home with my cigarettes on the seat beside me. I never wanted a cigarette. I even live with someone who smokes, and after dinner that night, he sat in his chair and had his cigarette. I never wanted one. That has amazed me every single day. I just don't smoke any more, and I feel as though I never smoked. That's a really big deal!

One of my coworkers told me my voice isn't as raspy as it used to be. I work with two smokers, but their smoking doesn't bother me. I think to myself, If they only knew how easy it could be, they would use hypnosis. Hypnosis feels so good. There is no stress. After my sessions, I feel like accomplishing things I normally would put off. I feel so good and have energy to burn. This is the greatest thing I've ever done for myself. I recommend Positive Changes to everyone I see and anyone I talk to. If you want to stop smoking, Positive Changes is the place for you. It works. Look at me. I was a nonsmoker after one session! So don't stay trapped in a habit you hate. Don't make effort after effort to change without success. There's no reason to keep smoking if you don't want to. Call your local Positive Changes center and schedule your free evaluation. It could be the call that saves your life.

* By following our smoking cessation program, 1 in 3 report a reduction in smoking in fewer than 3 weeks.

Results from a study commissioned by Positive Changes and performed by researchers at The Ohio State University.

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