Gretchen Bond

Hi. I'm Gretchen Bond and I live in Columbus, Ohio. Since coming to Positive Changes Hypnosis I have lost 36 pounds and have dropped 5 sizes from a size 12 to a size 2! My very first week on the program I lost 3 ½ pounds, 12 pounds my first month and my weight loss continued steadily throughout my program.


I Always Felt Overweight


I had been overweight forever; at least that's how it felt. I was an active child and played sports, but I have a very clear memory of being in eighth grade and the boys on my bus calling me 'fatty.' That really struck a chord with me and from that point on, from the age of 13, I started "dieting". I don't have to do that anymore because this program is not a diet. To me, a diet means deprivation and that's not what Positive Changes is about.


My Weight Always Came Back


Like almost everyone else who needs to lose weight, I had tried every kind of diet you can imagine. I tried to eat only beets, the grapefruit diet and any other weight loss plan you can think of. I would lose weight on those programs and then it would come right back within 3 months once I finished dieting.


I Had No Control


Before Positive Changes, I didn't pay any attention to what I was eating or drinking. I would have a big project at work and drink a lot of Diet Coke for energy. I was drinking up to 6 Diet Cokes a day. I would snack at all hours and I certainly wasn't watching my portion sizes. I just ate and drank with no conscious thought to what I was putting into my body. I was always active but often I would get excited about something: a step class, spinning or running. I would do those things for about a month but something would always get in the way of that routine and I would stop exercising all together and would never start up again.


Lisa Barck's Success Encouraged Me


I had been thinking about joining Positive Changes for a long time before I came to the center. A friend of mine, Lisa Barck, went through this program and lost 60 pounds. I thought it was so exciting. About the time I began my program, Lisa had kept her weight off for over a year and showed no signs of stopping. Compared to her, my life was getting out of control. I was under a lot of stress, working on a huge project at work. Taking care of myself became secondary, especially my eating habits.


A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words


Early 2010, I was tired all of the time, frustrated and not able to deal with the stress that I was under. The last straw came was at a work outing when an employee of mine took my picture. When I saw the picture, I was astounded. I realized that I needed to make a change because I didn't like who I had become. That's when I called Positive Changes and made an appointment. That picture was the trigger. I knew that I was upset and tired all the time, but in my head I was making excuses and saying that it was because of work and I didn't realize how much it was affecting my whole person until I saw that picture.


There Were Changes Right Away


Because I know Lisa Barck and she had completed the program successfully, I wasn't as skeptical as some people might be. My only skepticism was if this program would work for me personally. It vanished almost immediately after I began and I started noticing drastic changes right away. From that point on I really threw myself into the program, following it the way it was intended, and had great success.


The Free Evaluation Was Quick and Easy


The first time I walked into the center I was nervous and excited. Nervous because this was something new and I didn't really know what to expect; but excited because Lisa made such a huge change in her life. I was excited to see what the next step was and how I could get that for myself. The initial evaluation process was quick and easy and the questions from the evaluator all made sense. The program was explained clearly and every misconception I might have had about hypnosis were dispelled immediately. I didn't even hesitate to sign up for the program that day. There was no sales pressure and I wanted to get going as quickly as possible.


My Cravings Are Gone


Since coming to Positive Changes, my eating habits have changed dramatically and I feel much more comfortable about eating. One of the things I have struggled with since I was a child, was using food as comfort. I always believed that eating was something I could control but in reality I was out of control. Now, I am much more aware of what I eat and I enjoy food instead of eating just to eat. I put much more thought into a balanced diet and I'm drinking plenty of water. Water is really the only beverage I prefer to drink at this point and my cravings for Diet Coke have completely disappeared! That was a surprise for me!


I'm In Control Now


Before, my portion sizes were huge. Because I had done all the other diets before, I knew what foods were good for me or not good for me-we all do- but I would eat large portions of them. Now I have learned to eat portions that are in control. When I go out to eat I usually only eat less than half of the meal in front of me and I do not feel deprived. I'm just not hungry and I am able to recognize when I feel full. That's a new feeling for me.


The Changes Were Easy


The program at Positive Changes has absolutely helped me eliminate the cravings and behaviors that I wanted to change. From the very first appointment I noticed changes and I have to be honest, I was shocked. I left my first appointment and have never touched a Diet Coke again, I just don't want it. Each week, from that point on, I would work on something different and I noticed my view of food changing. Food was no longer my comfort blanket. I began to understand that food is energy and it has a purpose to fuel my body to function. I still enjoy all the foods I eat and I still eat the foods I want like cake and chocolate, but I have learned to do it in moderation. This program isn't about deprivation. The changes have absolutely come naturally to me. Before, when I was eating, I would be ashamed of myself, and afterward I felt bad or even sick. I don't have those feelings anymore because what I'm putting into my body makes sense for what my body needs. It's almost as if I woke up and something had changed without me having to force it.


Time to Focus on Myself


I hit a plateau about 3 months into my program and I had some sessions to focus on specific behaviors and to increase exercise. That moved me right through the plateau. That's the great thing about this program at Positive Changes, you're not doing it alone. I don't think I would have done nearly as well without their support. The staff is ready to help work through any issues that might come up and ensure that I was going to be a success. Going to the office was always a relief for me because the staff is so friendly and I always felt so much more relaxed after I'm done with any appointment. It was almost like a spa treatment that would allow me to just focus on myself.


Size 2 Jeans


I feel that I have more confidence since losing weight too. Over this past weekend I actually went to the store and bought a pair of size 2 jeans and no one even blinked. There was no question that the size 2 pants would fit me and that's a new feeling. I am so proud of what I've accomplished. In the past I don't think I would have recognized this kind of accomplishment by publishing it in a testimonial like this, but I realize that I have accomplished something I am very proud of. I wanted to share my story with people so they can see what can happen for them too.


Friends and Family Notice and Have Joined Too


I feel like I have become a role model for other people. I have talked to several of my friends who comment on, not only my weight loss but also the sense of well being that I have now. I deal with stress much differently now and my closest friends noticed how it doesn't affect me negatively anymore. I credit Positive Changes for helping me with that. Also, since I started my program, 2 people that I work with have started programs here, as well as my mother and one of her friends.


Health Issues are Gone


I am definitely satisfied with my results across the board. Certainly the weight loss has been fantastic, I even lost more weight than I originally intended to lose, but I think the overall health benefits in terms of managing stress have been the biggest benefit. I have a small child and a husband, work, friends and a lot of other things going on in my life. Because of Positive Changes, I have figured out a different way to manage those parts of my life and now I feel more comfortable working through day to day problems. That was a huge change for me and one for which I cannot thank Positive Changes enough.


I'm Positive About Positive Changes


I would most certainly recommend Positive Changes to anyone who wants to lose weight. I have in the past and I will continue to. There is nothing negative I can say about the program. If you were thinking of coming to Positive Changes Hypnosis to change anything in your life, I would recommend you to come in and do the evaluation. The evaluation is free and everything is explained in excellent detail. What have you got to lose? I have gained so much from this program especially how I view myself and it's amazing. I would not be living the full and active life I am living now if it weren't for Positive Changes Hypnosis.

*Results not typical and vary based on program adherence from a study commissioned by Positive Changes and performed by researchers at The Ohio State University.

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