Joey Zabala

My name is Joey Zabala and I reside in Meridian, Idaho. I am a high school student. My goal for using hypnosis was to become a better runner and be more confident. I chose Positive Changes because I have heard the best things about them, and it was a legit place for hypnosis. I was a little skeptical at first because I wasn't sure what to expect. After going into the center and seeing what it was all about, I felt very confident in the situation. My success started when I was a football player. Over the years, I started to get really good and received offensive MVP two years in a row. Then one day I got out of bed and just collapsed. My back and hips were shot. I thought to myself, "Is this what I really want to do, hurt myself for high school football?" It wasn't so I switched gears completely and started running. It was a big change for me, going to long distance from sprinting. At first it was frustrating because I was so used to being successful at football, and the success didn't come as easy to cross country. I went a year being upset and unconfident in myself from this. I decided enough was enough and went to Positive Changes.

Just after the second week, my time improved dramatically and I took top five out of over a hundred runners. After that, it all just started to get easier. I took off 22 seconds in the next week, setting a new personal record. Just as I thought I couldn't get any better, I ran a half marathon for the first time and took eighth place out of 908 people. That was an unreal feeling for me. I noticed the changes after the second week when I really started to believe in it.

Others noticed my changes when I started performing better and acting more confident around them. I'm going to be in talent show with some of my friends and that is something I never would have done before.  My family was just so proud of me and couldn't believe that I have come so far. At first I didn't tell people I was doing hypnosis because I was worried and scared what they were going to say and what they thought. Then once I got the inner confidence in myself, I've been telling everyone and saying it's truly worth it.

I tried different methods of changing and none of them really worked out. I tried changing my thoughts about things, but I never really took it to heart so it never really sank in. The outcome was always the same when I tried. It was the same as before. I think this will be permanent because I like the way I act, feel and how I think positively about everything now. I'd like to keep it that way. The other positives are just my whole outlook on life in general. I feel more confident, happy and positive about things. Other activities I am involved in now are indoor soccer. I intend to use that positive attitude towards soccer and go for another undefeated season. The most important benefit I received from Positive Changes was being very positive and optimistic about everything. It's truly amazing by thinking positive how things become so much easier. The new sense of confidence I have in myself is a tool I can use in everyday life.

I would recommend Positive Changes to others. In fact, I already have been. It truly does work, and once you start believing in it, the results are very life-changing.

* 75% of Positive Changes breakthrough clients are successful in reaching their goals.

Results from a study commissioned by Positive Changes and performed by researchers at The Ohio State University.

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