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Joyce Spartonos Testimonial

I went to Positive Changes Hypnosis out of desperation.  My desperation turned into the best experience I could have hoped for, thanks to the wonderful Positive Changes program. I have lost 82 pounds and have gone from a size 22 to a size 6.

My name is Joyce Spartonos I am a retiree from Sun Lakes, Arizona where I live with my husband.  We have two children and one grandchild. This is my story. It is true and factual.

A Lifetime of Weight Problems

I was overweight all my life and I’ve dieted all my life.  When I was eleven years old the doctor told my mother she needed to do something about my weight. She took me to TOPS (Take Off Pounds Sensibly), but it didn’t work. Growing up overweight was a horror.  I remember when the nurses used to weigh us at school. I’d have to get on the scale in front of everyone. It was humiliating and the other children would tease me.

That was the pattern for my life.  I’ve done pills, Weight Watchers, Overeater’s Anonymous and fasts.  I lost weight on all these programs, but the weight loss never lasted.  By the time the weight finally came off, it was already coming back on. I don’t remember a time when I came off a diet without gaining back even more weight—but then, none of those programs worked to changing my thinking!

Uncomfortable and Unhappy

When I was overweight, I would still go out with friends, but underneath it all I was one unhappy woman.  If I went places where I didn’t know anyone, I would try to fade into the background.  I wasn’t about to try meeting people when I was so uncomfortable with who I was.  My wardrobe choices were limited as well.  I had to choose from what would fit me, not what I would enjoy wearing.

I also used to avoid travel. I didn’t want to be that person who spilled over the seat and made someone else uncomfortable. So I stayed home.

Before going to Positive Changes, I had considered surgery.  I even tried to get it cleared by my insurance. Some problem caused the whole process to derail and I was back at square one.  I now consider that a fortunate problem because that’s when I discovered Positive Changes.  I was at my wit’s end until I saw the ad in the Arizona Republic. I decided to give hypnosis a shot.

From Desperation to Delight

I called and scheduled my initial evaluation. I was skeptical at first, but more than that, I was desperate for a program that would work. My Positive Changes evaluator explained hypnosis in a way that made sense to me. There was no pressure to enroll. Plus, with the Positive Changes guarantee, I could attend the first session and, if the program wasn’t for me, I could get a full refund. What did I have to lose, besides my weight?  I signed up and melted off 82 lbs. of fat.

After my first session of hypnosis, I was amazed.  I noticed changes right away. I no longer snacked at night.  I finished dinner and that was it. I didn’t get hungry or have cravings. I never felt deprived in any way.  I don’t feel like I’m on a diet.

I lost between twelve and fifteen pounds my first month with Positive Changes and my weight has steadily kept coming off.  I never expected that.  I thought at my age I would never take off all the weight and that it would take forever to lose, but with hypnosis my weight loss has been easy and natural. I don’t have to diet or deprive myself to do it.  I’m delighted!

The Miracle – A New Way of Thinking

Since coming to Positive Changes I have learned the difference between hunger and appetite.  That was a big revelation for me.  I feed my hunger now, not my appetite.  If I have just eaten a meal and start looking for something else to eat, that is not hunger.  That’s appetite.  I don’t feed into that anymore.  If I see something that looks delicious to me, I feel free to taste it and enjoy it without guilt, but I don’t feel the urge to eat it all.  I have the freedom to enjoy whatever I want.  I used to be addicted to diet sodas.  Now, I don’t feel the urge to drink anything carbonated.  Those drinks just don’t taste good to me anymore.

The biggest benefit I have received is that I now know what it’s like to eat and think about food like a normal person.  It’s a miracle to me.  My life is no longer centered around whatever diet I’m doing at the time. I’m free of those restrictions.  I can eat anything I choose now.  The difference is in the choice.  I make healthy choices.  If I feel like having dessert, I’ll have it.  It doesn’t mean that I have to finish the plate. I am no longer wasting money on cakes and candy.  Food is just another activity in my day, not the center of my day. I love it.

Finally in Control

Before hypnosis my eating was completely out of control.  I was an eating machine.  I would tell myself to stop but I couldn’t stop.  Now my friends and family are amazed at my control. They are amazed at how hypnosis turned around my lifelong habit of overeating.

Of course, my husband is thrilled with my weight loss and the changes I’ve made.  He can’t believe my success.  He knew how unhappy I was at an unhealthy weight and was completely supportive of my choice to try Positive Changes.

I have more confidence now than I have ever had.  If I go into a room of people I don’t know, I have no problem walking right up and meeting new people.  I am able to shop for stylish new clothes and I have far more choices.

I am confident that my weight loss is permanent. I followed the program and the program worked for me.  Everything was natural and easy.

Recommends to Friends – and to You!

I feel 100% confident in recommending Positive Changes Hypnosis to others. I’m living proof that this program works.  If you are interested in coming to Positive Changes but are skeptical, know that I was just as skeptical. I urge you to give Positive Changes a try.  Just call them at 1-877-POSITIVE. Be open-minded and be willing to relax.  That’s all you have to do.  Hypnosis will do the rest.  Positive Changes has given me back my life. I know it can do the same for you!

*Results not typical and vary based on program adherence from a study commissioned by Positive Changes and performed by researchers at The Ohio State University.

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