Kathryn Frank

My name is Kathryn Frank and I've been overweight for at least 16 years since my early forties. I feel like I've tried all the diet programs including Atkins, Weight Watchers, I counted the calories, and I've done the exercises. I’ve done everything that I've thought of to do for the most part and for the most part I was successful. I would lose 30 pounds but over the course of two years I would gain all of it back over and over again. So I had gotten to the point that I had just given up. I didn't want to be on the yo-yo diet again. 

I used to take Ambien five nights a week, which was essentially on our work nights because I wanted to get a good night sleep.  I wasn't sleeping well because my legs hurt.  I was in pain and I would toss and turn.  Since then I have been out of that prescription for about a month-and-a-half, so I have had nothing for about a month and a half. Prior to that I was maybe taking two pills a week, so now I am completely aspirin-free and Ambien-free at this time.

I had seen the commercials for Positive Changes and my husband and I had talked about it. I had given up on dieting and I just resigned myself to being this overweight person and miserable and my husband said, “Well what about Positive Changes? How about giving them a call and seeing what they say?”

I noticed right after my first session I felt so empowered and excited to be on this program. I believed in the program and I knew it would work for me, so the changes were at least emotionally immediate. Within that first week I was losing weight. 

I was losing probably 2 to 3 pounds within the first week, and after the first month I lost 10 pounds. It was very successful and I felt great. I have lost 53 lbs to date. I had actually reached my goal about a month ago which was a size 10. I didn't measure myself so I don't know my inches at the beginning of the program. I was embarrassed and humiliated and the last thing I want to do is measure myself. I originally weighed in at 206 pounds and today I'm 153 pounds. I lost my 53 pounds by month 8. I'm on a 9-month program and I had reached my goal of 153 pounds last month. This month I'm just being really consistent. I'm fine-tuning, and I realized I want to continue to lose. I'm not quite where I want to be now, although I’ve achieved my goal, so I just want to fine-tune it now.

My eating habits have been fine tuned to the nutritional and educational programs that Positive Changes gives me. I wanted to eat just fuel for my body, so I started eating fruits and vegetables and protein. I no longer eat processed foods, white breads, potatoes, or sugar. It helped me achieve what I wanted, which was to eat just nutritious food that my body could use. That was immediate. When I came to Positive Changes I loved eating pasta and breads. Those are my weaknesses. I would eat pasta at least once a week and bread almost daily and now I don't need any of it. The only thing I crave now is sometimes salt, so I will eat seeds, or I’ll have a vegetable with a little bit of salt, but I always make sure it's something healthy and nothing processed, and by no means any kind of junk food.

I make sure that I move every day. I go to the gym every morning and I'm really very conscious about what I do at the gym.  I do a variety so that I can tone my body. At home, even if I'm just doing housework, I'm constantly moving because I'm very conscious of moving my body. I want to stay active so I stand at work instead of sitting as much, and now I'm much more active than my sedentary lifestyle was.  Positive Changes works with your subconscious as well as your conscience. They tell you to just relax your body and your mind knows exactly what it takes to lose the weight and that's true.  That's the beauty of it. It's almost effortless. You just let go and know that your body will support your goal and it does.

In the beginning, I listened to my AM and PM processes every day and then my one-on-one sessions once a day. I did that consistently right up until I made my goal a month ago. Now I don't do it as much. I try to get at least one hypnosis in every day, and I never miss my weekly sessions.

When I was overweight I wasn't the person that I saw in the mirror and I was miserable inside. I was embarrassed and humiliated. I didn't feel equally respected or appreciated as the person that I am with the abilities that I have to offer. I felt judged so that was a very demeaning feeling, and Positive Changes has given me my life back. I look in the mirror and I truly identify with the person I see instead of seeing a stranger I didn't understand. 

I'm so much happier and positive than I used to be and people comment on that. My whole attitude has brightened up and I let stresses go. I don't worry as much as I used to because I am more confident and I know that living my life in a healthy environment is key to happiness.  I am very proud of everything I have accomplished. When I look in the mirror and I realize the person looking back at me is who I want to be, I feel like I've gotten control of my life. My friends and loved ones around me are proud of me and they are just amazed at the transformation.  I feel wonderful, I feel healthy and strong, and I feel like I've done a wonderful thing for my body that will serve me the rest of my life. I have the tools to stay healthy and stay on the program. I have no doubt that I can always maintain this lifestyle. It's not a diet!  It's truly a lifestyle, and it feels wonderful doing it. 

I am much more positive and I try to share that positivity with people around me. I try to help people think on the positive side of their lives. If it's a stressful situation or if you're worried or stressed out, to just take a breath and step back from that stress and breathe through it.  Know that you'll get through it and try to stay positive. Look at the positives in your life surrounding a situation. 

I've made a doctor's appointment coming up here in the next month. I'm really excited to get the lab work done and to see what my body has done as far as my cholesterol levels and glucose. I've always had really good lab results other than the daily aches and pains that I had from carrying that weight, but I'm excited to see what my levels are now. They have got to be outstanding now.  I am no longer in pain. I would wake up in the mornings in pain and by the end of the day my legs and feet would hurt and they would keep me awake at night. I would take an Ambien to help me sleep through that and certainly take some Aleve or Tylenol. I don't take any of that now.  It just feels wonderful knowing that I've taken all this weight and stress off of my body. 

My social life is wonderful. I didn't realize to what extent I would practically hide. There are so many things I wouldn't do before because I felt awkward and embarrassed by my weight. Now I’m active! I'm a friendly outgoing person. In fact, just last week I joined the weight loss challenge at work. I would never have done that when I desperately needed to lose the weight because I was humiliated, but now they're like, “hey you want to do this?” and I can say you're in trouble because I know how to lose weight, so it's fun. I have fun with the people around me, and I think I have an unfair advantage over them. 

I think if you live your life in a positive environment and thought process, that is really a good example for everybody around you; whether it is your children, your spouse, or your co-workers. Through this program I have brought tears to my husband’s eyes just because he looks at me and is so proud of the work and the effort that I've done.  It seems effortless to me. He looks at me and sees the weight just melting off of me and he's so proud of me. We go clothes shopping now and that used to be something I hated to do.  Now I have so much fun because I know I could buy anything in any store. He and I together just enjoy life so much more now that I'm more of the person I really want to be.  

I look forward to my future and my work because I feel I'm taken more seriously now. People look at my skills and my abilities. I don’t feel misjudged anymore. I can walk into the room and people smile and say, “Wow, you look great, what are you doing?” I say that I'm doing Positive Changes, and then I am truly respected for my ideas. 

If I had to narrow down the most important thing I received it would be giving me my life back. I am the person I always wanted to be. I can look in the mirror and I like the person I see, as I'm able to live the life that I always wanted to live, where the weight before was truly holding me back. 

In the beginning I was really shocked at the price and I felt ashamed that I was costing our family the money to go to this program, but I quickly realized I would pay so much more. You guys could raise the rate because it's worth it. It's a lifetime change. The thought of never ever having to diet again; that alone will save thousands of dollars in the years to come, and I would gladly do this again. 

I recognize Positive Changes almost daily because people are shocked when they see me. When they ask me what I’m doing, in the beginning I was embarrassed to say, but now I joyfully tell them I'm doing Positive Changes, and they should truly look into it if they know anybody who is overweight or just miserable in their own skin. I tell them to go to Positive Changes because it’s a whole life changer.  I give Positive Changes a hundred percent of the credit for this because they gave me the ability to link what my mind wanted to do to what I was truly able to do.

I would say if you are considering Positive Changes, do not hesitate. Ask yourself why you didn't do this many years ago. It's an absolute wonderful program and it truly does work. If you want it go after it. It will see you through. It’s not a 30-day program crash course, but a 9-month program filled with education on nutrition, and on how to handle stress. It teaches you to not fall into those eating triggers that we all do. It gives you the tools for the rest of your life and you have the recorded sessions anytime you feel a struggle. You listen to your sessions, you think back on what you learned, and you have a book with all the information. I think this is a lifestyle change and they stick with you long enough that it truly has become my life, not a diet.

*Results not typical and vary based on program adherence from a study commissioned by Positive Changes and performed by researchers at The Ohio State University.


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