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Nancy Naff

My name is Nancy Naff and I’m 62 years old.  Before coming to Positive Changes, I was overweight for about 30 years.  Throughout that time I tried various weight loss methods but I have to say, I never tried any of them very hard.  I tried a type of Adkins diet where I left carbohydrates out of my diet but I didn’t stay on it very long and I never did it 100% the way they said to do it.  I also tried a Mediterranean type diet but again, I didn’t research it enough or try very hard to make it work.  I had a book about a glycemic index diet which was probably the most successful; I lost about 10 pounds on that.  But again, whenever anything in life came up such as a vacation or a stressful time at work, I would go off the diet, gain weight back, be disgusted, and not go back to it. 

I thought I was in control of my eating habits, but I really wasn’t.  I did a lot of denying and fooling myself about how bad my eating habits were.  I tried to concentrate more on the healthy things I was eating and ignore the unhealthy things.  I did a lot of snacking in between meals and in the evenings.  It seemed like I always had to have something in my hand to eat while watching TV.  I didn’t feel very good about myself.  I was pretty disgusted anytime I looked in the mirror, with or without clothes.  I hated going into my closet to try and find something to wear.  I had a closet full of clothes, but only a few things I felt I looked decent in.  It was very distressing to look in my closet and see something that I liked and know there was no reason to put it on because it wouldn’t fit and it wouldn’t look good.  That was disgusting.

I did have health issues because of the extra weight.  I had hypertension, acid reflux, rapid heartbeat, breathlessness, and I just didn’t feel good.  I didn’t feel healthy.  I was on two different high blood pressure medicines and one for the acid reflux.  I didn’t really exercise much before Positive Changes; it was pretty hit or miss.  I do like to walk and I did do some swimming but never consistently for any length of time.

I heard of Positive Changes mainly through television commercials.  I had some friends who had done it but none that I knew well enough to sit down and have a heart to heart with them about how it was working.  The television commercials were always intriguing to me but it kind of made me feel like it was for somebody else and probably wouldn’t work for me.  What made me decide to enroll was my husband.  He decided to he had to do something.  We’d been together for 13 years and overweight the entire time.  We’d talked about needing to do something, but all we ever did was talk about it.  We never accomplished anything.  One day he was watching a commercial and said that it was time for him to do something and that he was going to check out Positive Changes.  He said he was going to do it and if I wanted to join him it would be great.  So I got on the phone and scheduled our consultation. 

I was very skeptical at first, but more afraid than skeptical.  I was afraid of failure.  My husband wasn’t either skeptical or afraid.  It took a while for that skepticism to go away.  What took it away was the success that we started achieving immediately. 

We started seeing results immediately.  To date, I have lost 51 pounds which feels absolutely wonderful!  I’ve gone down at least 3 pant sizes.  I’ve gone from a size 16-18 to a size 10 that fits comfortably.  I went from a 2XL shirt to a Large or Medium depending on how it’s made.  It’s so fun to go away from the big girl side of the store to the regular side of the store.

In the first week I lost about 5 pounds, and in the first month about 10 pounds.  My eating habits changed immediately.  I used to eat a lot of fast food value meals, the burgers and fries with tartar sauce.  If I got a value meal, I got a soda.  I ate a lot of salty, crunchy foods.  That was my downfall.  I ate a lot of BBQ potato chips and microwave popcorn with extra butter.  But all that changed almost immediately after starting my program.  I credit all of that to the hypnosis.  It does something to your brain that takes away that craving, that desire, that need that I used to have.  Before, I had to have microwave popcorn when I was watching TV.  But that need was taken away.  It amazed me how fast that happened.

My lifestyle has changed from when I was overweight.  Mostly it’s the eating has changed.  It’s about making better choices every time I sit at a table or get ready for a meal.   I choose to eat different things.  If there’s a buffet, I choose to eat the things I know to be right for me and I pass over anything that I know isn’t going to be healthy.  It’s no problem.  It’s just what I do.  I take much smaller portions now and I don’t feel like I have to take a little bit of everything at a buffet.  If I want a dessert I have it, but maybe only about a third of what I would have taken before.  And instead of taking three little dessert samples, I choose which one I want and I enjoy it.  It’s all I need and it’s all I want.  It was easy to lose weight because I finally wanted the things that were healthy. 

I move my body more now than before.  Now I take advantage of the time that I see as an opportunity to move my body.  My mindset used to be that I have to go exercise three times a week in a gym and it needs to be for at least a half hour or it’s not any good.  If that time didn’t present itself then it just didn’t happen.  Now it’s not so much that I even think of it as exercise; I think of it as activity, action and movement.  Now if I’m just sitting around and I have a spare 15 minutes, I’ll get up and take a 15 minute walk down the road or walk around the block.  When I go to a grocery store, I’ll park at the far end of the parking lot.  It’s just taking advantage of any time or opportunity to move more and not think of it as exercise. 

I suffered when I was overweight.  Not only did my health suffer, but what you think about, how I felt about myself suffered a lot.  I was pretty disgusted with myself.  I did a lot of name calling and chastising of myself for being a failure and being fat.  I called myself a lot of not very nice names.  That’s probably the biggest thing that I suffered; it’s what I did to myself more than what anyone else did to me.  The hypnosis has certainly helped with that.  And the personal success I’ve had has really helped.  The hypnosis has stopped the negative thinking and has helped me celebrate the success.

Losing weight has given me more confidence because I look better and I know that I look better.  That makes me smile more which probably makes people smile back at me more.  I am proud of my accomplishments.  I wasn’t sure this was going to work.  I was fearful for quite a while.  Even when I saw it working in the beginning I had fear whether it was going to continue to work, and I had fear that I was not going to let it work.  As I’ve come to believe in the program and myself, I feel very proud of what I’ve done.  I feel really good about myself. 

The stress relief has been a big side benefit.  I have seen my doctor since I’ve been going to Positive Changes; she complimented me on my weight loss and encouraged me to continue to do what I am doing because it’s obviously working for me. 

My blood pressure is now in the normal range and I have been able to go off my most expensive blood pressure medication.  I also no longer have acid reflux and have stopped taking that medication.  That alone has probably given me a healthier intestinal system, which is great.  I just feel better.

A lot of my family and friends have noticed the changes.  I’ve been receiving a lot of compliments.  People say that I look good.  They notice it in my face and how my clothes fit.  Everybody has been really encouraging.  A lot of people ask me what the secret is, how I’m doing this.  They want me to tell them how to do it.  I suggest they go talk to the professionals at Positive Changes.  It’s pretty hard to explain how this gets into your thinking, your brain and your subconscious.  It’s hard to tell another person that. 

The most valuable overall benefit that I’ve received is really getting healthy.  That’s what I said the first day I came to Positive Changes.  It isn’t so much about the pounds lost and it isn’t so much about the size.  I wanted to feel healthier.  I wanted to feel happier.  I wanted to feel proud of myself.  That’s my most valuable overall benefit.  I’ve gotten there.  I’ve done it. 

The most incredible thing is how this has changed how my brain works.  I don’t see myself now as a fat person.  I see myself as a healthy person.  And the incredible thing is I feel that this will stay this way.  The changes are just there.  You really don’t have to think about them.  It’s who I am now.  People who talk to me about weight loss say that it’s so hard and they admire me because it’s such a hard thing to do.  No it’s not!  It’s not hard.  It’s not hard because this program changes the way your brain works.  It takes away the battle and makes it so you want to make the right choices and eat the right things.  That leaves me incredulous.  It’s hard to explain how that has worked, but it has.

A lot of people have asked me about the cost of the program.  When I tell them the cost they may consider it to be expensive, but it was worth every penny to me.  It worked.  To come here and have somebody help me change the way I’ve been thinking and change the rest of my life.  You can’t put a price on that.  The cost of the program is what it is.  It’s the price of success and it’s worth every penny. 

The financial benefit as a result of this success is there too.  I was spending $45 per month for the co-pay on my blood pressure medicine.  I’m not spending that any more for the rest of my life.  And the money I was spending on acid reflux medicine, plus the money wasted on junk food.  It all adds up. 

I recommend and will continue to recommend Positive Changes to other people.  I give Positive Changes 100% of the credit for my success to start with, and then I take the credit for following through and believing in it. 

For someone considering Positive Changes, the consultation is free; what do you have to lose?  Suspend your disbelief in hypnosis and forget about hypnosis as you’ve seen it on television or at a carnival.  Find out about this hypnosis and how it really works and then make your decision. 

My weight loss will be permanent because I feel Positive Changes has changed the way that I think.  It’s changed my decision making process.  It’s becoming second nature for me to eat the way that I eat now.  I almost don’t even notice things in a menu that aren’t good for me.  And if I go to a buffet or potluck it’s like I zone in on the salads and proteins.  It’s just becoming natural.


Results not typical and vary based on program adherence from a study commissioned by Positive Changes and performed by researchers at The Ohio State University.

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