Paula Seeley

My name is Paula Seeley and I’ve been overweight since about 1979. I was always very trim most of my life, until after I got out of college, and then I started putting on weight.

I’ve tried a weight-loss clinic, LA Weight Loss, Weight Watchers, Jenny Craig, and tried to do it on my own, and none were sustainable. I lost weight and gained it back. I found out about Positive Changes from a friend of mine who came here about five or six years ago, as did his wife, and they were both very successful.

I decided to come to Positive Changes after having had knee-replacement surgery, which caused me to lose 18 pounds because of the pain meds. I started gaining the weight back slowly, so I wanted to start Positive Changes to sustain the weight loss and keep the progress going.

The night after my very first hypnosis session I realized that I had lost my urge to snack at night. I used to snack from dinnertime to the time I went to bed and I had lost that urge completely.

I’ve lost 29 pounds, going from size 10-12 to a size 2-4, and it feels really good. It took me about 4 ½ to 5 months to lose the weight. I’m eating smaller quantities and eating more vegetables and fruits. I still have treats occasionally, but instead of having 4-5 pieces, I’m satisfied with 1-2, which is amazing considering how much I love sweets. I like to eat pretty much everything, but I’ve cut out everything I know isn’t good for me and it’s not causing me to feel deprived.

I hated trying on clothes at the store because I didn’t look good and now I can go and try on everything. Having had my knee-replacement surgery, I’m sure it helps a lot that I’ve lost the weight, and I feel a lot better now. The doctors said that it was great that I was losing weight and exercising. I feel great about my accomplishments. I’m more relaxed now, I don’t let things get to me as much, and I’m more easy going than I was. I feel like my attitude change has made me get closer to people. But the biggest reward is that my husband likes the way I look now! My husband is ill at the moment but once he’s better we’re going bike riding.

The biggest benefit from Positive Changes is that I’ve lost weight and I don’t feel the stress of having to keep it off because it comes natural. Before when I lost weight I always knew that the weight would eventually come back, but I don’t have the same feeling with Positive Changes.

I thought it was expensive but it’s well worth it. Considering what I’ve spent on other programs and the results I’ve seen, this is much cheaper, and sustainable. I would recommend this to anyone considering a weight loss program. I know my weight loss will be permanent because I just feel different. I don’t feel like I’ve got to watch my weight and it isn’t constantly on my mind. This has just become a habit and a lifestyle.


Results not typical and vary based on program adherence from a study commissioned by Positive Changes and performed by researchers at The Ohio State University.

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