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Rick Naff

I’m Rick Naff and I’ve been overweight most of my life, and I’m 64 years old.  I have tried weight loss methods before and been very successful.  About 15 years ago I got down to 200 pounds.  I only did that because I was working out and was basically on my own diet.  After I quit working out I went back to my old ways and next thing I knew I was back at 300 pounds again.  My wife and I had talked quite a lot about going on some kind of weight program but we saw so many of our friends get into things that were quite expensive and as soon as they got off of them, they would go right back up.

We kept seeing the ads for Positive Changes on TV and we had a couple friends who had done Positive Changes and were quite successful.  So one morning we just decided this was the way we were going to go.  It’s been very successful.  It’s actually taught us a new lifestyle.   I find myself enjoying life more.  I sleep better.  I can’t think of anything that hasn’t been positive in the last 8-9 months that we’ve been here.  We drive down from Colville every Wednesday and we’ve never missed a session.  We both enjoy coming to the sessions. 

I noticed my behavior changed after the very first session.  I felt like a different person.  My wife, Nancy, came out of her first session and on the drive home we could tell our attitudes were different. 

After our first visit with the hypnotist I immediately quit drinking soda pop and snacking.  I really started to notice the weight loss.  I think in the first few weeks I was losing 3-5 pounds per week, but of course it slowed down a bit as I got smaller.  The hypnosis always reinforces that what we’re doing is the right thing to do. 

Even though I’ve had some weeks when I didn’t lose any weight, I’ve always kept in the back of my mind that we weren’t on a diet; we were on a maintenance program.  I feel like the idea of the whole thing was that when we reach our goal that we maintain that goal.  So if I was on vacation for a couple weeks and I didn’t lose weight, I also didn’t gain any either.  I accepted that.  My goal is to maintain a certain weight and I’ve proven to myself that I can do that several times.  I’ve actually exceeded my initial goal and have lost 102 pounds. With my wife and I doing this program together, it’s so much easier.  She is very on board with this and has been very successful on her own.  I can say that we’ve both really enjoyed this experience. 

Every time I would see my doctor one of the first things he suggested was to lose weight.  When I’d go see him the next year he would kind of congratulate me for not gaining any more weight, and kind of scold me for not taking any off.  The last time I saw the doctor he told me that even though my blood pressure and cholesterol weren’t bad, it’s just a matter of time if I don’t get the weight off.  These things will happen.  I took that to heart and that was one of the motivating factors in my decision to do Positive Changes.

We are way more active than we used to be with our grandkids.  We are hiking, boating, and even gardening or working in the yard is so much more pleasant now.  It’s not a task anymore; it’s something we want to do. 

It isn’t a diet.  It’s more like a mental change.  Your subconscious is guiding you now and not your awakened consciousness.  I’ve always known that I was eating too much, but now I have control over that.  That’s what Positive Changes has done for me.  I don’t just see food and eat it now.  I eat food because my body needs food to survive.  I know when to stop now and I drink a lot of water. 

I haven’t had a Pepsi since this program started.  I haven’t even had one and I don’t do any snacks.  I don’t want any snacks.  I don’t know exactly why I don’t want any snacks, but I don’t.  It’s very easy to pass up desserts. 

I just can’t think of anything that hasn’t been positive in my life because of my involvement with Positive Changes. I’m thankful that when I got out of bed that morning I made the decision in my own mind.   I told my wife, “I’m going to Positive Changes and I’d really like you to come with me.  Would you like to try it?”  That very day we made our first appointment and we’ve never looked back. 

I definitely recommend Positive Changes.  The people down here are very caring, very positive, and they want you to reach your goal.  Not only to lose weight, there’s way more to it than losing weight.  It makes you a positive person.  I’ve always been a little bit on the negative side and my wife says there’s been a big change in the way I am. 

I could talk about Positive Changes all day.  There are so many good things. There’s just nothing that I can say about Positive Changes that’s not positive.  Their motto is my motto – Nothing tastes as good as thin feels.  I use it every day. 


Results not typical and vary based on program adherence from a study commissioned by Positive Changes and performed by researchers at The Ohio State University.

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