Wendy Merrick

My name is Wendy Merrick and I live in Kuna, ID. I am an office administrator. I had major anxiety and panic attacks and I needed help. I kept seeing the commercials for Positive Changes and then I saw one that said it helped with anxiety and I thought maybe it could help me so I came in.

My anxiety and my panic attacks got so bad that I couldn't do my normal day-to-day things. I started fearing going outside of my home. I needed help before it got out of control.

My program has been an amazing journey and being here today and talking about it is a huge feat. It has changed my life. It has been amazing. I was in fear. I felt like I wasn't worthy and I couldn't function. My children were affected and I just felt like I was worthless.

I was on all sort of medication for anxiety, panic attacks and sleep issues. I tried counseling and all sorts of things and nothing seemed to work.

Now I have more energy and a positive attitude. I'm confident. There are so many changes it's just amazing. I joined a gym and I joined a church. I was in softball this summer and I have been running. I've been doing all sorts of stuff that I couldn't do before. I rode my motorcycle, all sorts of things.

I started noticing changes quickly. I was absolutely panicked when I went in for my first session and when I came out I was smiling and I felt relaxed. I felt like this is going to work and it was awesome.

My children started noticing the changes and my family started to notice them. I wasn't fearful and I could go out and do things and not have a panic attack or feel the anxiety. I can sit and have a conversation and be with family members and do different things.

When I got home after the first couple of sessions, they all said it looked like this would work for me. I was less stressed and so confident it was going to work. It was a positive thing right off the bat.

My children are much happier. I'm able to enjoy my time with them. We are able to do activities without me panicking and rushing to get home. We have been out enjoying nature and just enjoying life.

I have gained confidence and the ability to see within myself positivity and that I don't have to be anxious about everything and it's ok to just let it be. I am off all of my medications.

I never really thought about the cost of the program. I thought about the benefits of the program. It's a life-changing thing and the cost is nothing to gain my life back. I have recommended the Positive Changes program from day one. When people ask me, I tell them it's an amazing program and it works.

* 75% of Positive Changes breakthrough clients are successful in reaching their goals.

Results from a study commissioned by Positive Changes and performed by researchers at The Ohio State University.

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