Video: Sonia Renews Her Self-Confidence

Sonia Muir came to Positive Changes after watching a friend's happy transformation. She hoped for help with her self-confidence and sleeplessness. The result improved her experience at work and in her family life. Watch to find out how she did it.

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Paula Seeley Testimonial

Paula began gaining weight a little at a time after college. By the age of 64, she decided enough was enough. She sought help from Positive Changes. Paula dropped 29 pounds, went from a size 10-12 to a 2-4, and she got her health back on track. Learn how she did it.


Get to Know My Positive Changes

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Leslie Meisner Story

Leslie Meisner had struggled with weight since childhood. After she retired, she enrolled with Positive Changes. Immediately, she lost her cravings and she began to roll back her diagnosed risk for Type 2 Diabetes. Leslie lost 53 pounds and recovered her mobility and energy to more fully enjoy her two year-old granddaughter. Find out why Leslie calls Positive Changes "Weight Loss for Life."