This great journey has come to an end for Positive Changes Tucson and will close for business on June 27, 2019.
We wish all of our clients continued success with Living Life at 100%!

What to Expect
On Your First Visit

Compassion. Service. Inspiration.

What to Expect from Your Complimentary Consultation

Positive Changes puts you at the center of our unique system of guided hypnosis and personal coaching to lead you toward your personal breakthrough.

No two individuals are the same and our solutions for you aren't either. When you arrive for your complimentary consultation, we will invite you to complete a brief questionnaire to tell us more about what you hope to accomplish. Then, one of our care consultants will work with you to tailor your program to address your history and the objectives you hope to achieve through hypnosis. These consultations generally run from 30-minutes to an hour. Because your program is personalized, our recommendations for content and duration will vary. Pricing will be detailed for you at the close of your consultation.

Your Personal Hypnosis Session

During your personal hypnosis session, one of our certified hypnotists will listen to your history, goals, and the words which hold greater meaning for you. Then, your hypnotist will guide you to a state of deep relaxation much like focus on a day-dream.

You will be fully aware and in control, but in this restful state of heightened alertness, your subconcious will be open to positive suggestions for change and visions for your future. Your hypnosist will offer you the new, deliberately focused script – which you developed together – to prompt the behavior you seek. For many of our clients, change may happen quickly and is sustained, as you establish a new routine of self-coaching and mindfulness.

The more you practice hypnosis the more reinforcement and motivation you will find.  Yet, your experience may be different each time you enter into hypnosis.  There may be times when you feel light almost like you are floating, other times you may feel very heavy like you couldn’t move even if you wanted to.  Sometimes you may feel you hear all of what is being said consciously, other times you feel you didn’t hear anything at all.  Just remember, we are not speaking to the conscious mind, but to the subconscious mind. 

With confidence in the skills, care and expertise of our certified hypnotist, you can just relax, follow their voice and enjoy the experience.

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